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[Webinar] Stephen Key: How to protect your product idea

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Thursday, Jul 13, 2017


The explosion of e-commerce activity in the past decade has presented small businesses with previously unthinkable access to the global market. However, with this has come the rapid increase of counterfeiting, on an industrial scale.Counterfeiting accounts for 5% of all commercial imports to the European Union and is worth an estimated $461 billion dollars every year. This situation has presented innovators and small business with the challenge of protecting their innovations and intellectual property.

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Stephen Key, an award-winning author of “One Simple Idea” and a respected intellectual property strategist, has teamed with Red Points to deliver a webinar on how to protect your product.


In this webinar, Stephen will cover how what product ideas are the most profitable and how to protect them. The webinar will be filled with real-world examples of good and bad practices on how to safeguard IP, sourced from his years of experience in the industry.

Stephen has built a strong global brand and has won a number of accolades. His website,, has a wealth of resources of product innovators and those seeking to license their ideas. For your chance to join the webinar and ask questions to Stephen directly, click here or below.


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