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[Webinar] Laura Ries: Nailing your corporate brand with a visual hammer

Posted by Julia Bourke on Friday, Sep 15, 2017

Red Points is excited to announce a webinar with leading brand strategist Laura Ries, who will illustrate how a ‘visual hammer’ can make your brand memorable and durable.


A bestselling author, Atlanta-based Ries has been working with her father and partner as a focusing consultant since 1994. Together they consult brands on marketing strategies, working with many Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Frito-Lay and Ford. They have also led educational sessions on marketing principles in over 60 countries.

Laura is a popular speaker, making regular appearances on major news channels including CNN and Fox Business, and often quoted by the likes of Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, and the Associated Press. With her father, who is the author of revolutionary bestseller ‘Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind’, Laura has co-authored six books, including ‘Marketing Warfare’ and ‘The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding’.

Hammering brand identity

Published in 2012 and since translated into four languages, ‘Visual Hammer’ is Laura’s first solo authorship. The book is concerned with the visuals of brands, that “hammer” a brand's identity into the minds of consumers. Ries challenges verbal marketing concepts, asking what KFC would be without Colonel Sanders, or what Ralph Lauren would be without its polo player. In this, Laura offers a direct answer to her father’s ‘Positioning concept’, advocating for ‘emotional’ visuals over verbals to enforce a brand’s message, and providing examples which are sure to offer marketers food for thought.

Watch webinar here

Good branding is essential to the Red Points’ ethos; maintaining brand values and a hard-earned reputation is exactly what the Red Points Brand Protection solution fights to protect. Branding is essential to a company’s success, particularly in the volatile environment that the internet and e-commerce have introduced to retail. Red Points’ efficient, effective and flexible solution works to support brands against online abuse, to protect against economic losses and preserve brand equity.

As Laura well recognizes, effective branding can in itself be a protective foundation, making a brand powerful and irreplaceable in the eyes of the consumer. Moreover, it provides something worth fighting for.


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