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[Webinar] Just how do you stop repeat IP offenders?

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Monday, Jun 19, 2017


 Red Points are working with IP Watchdog and INTA to help SMEs stop those entities that persistently violate their IP rights. We will be launching a webinar that will take place on the 10th of July at 6 pm CEST and 12 pm East Coast Time which aims to arm businesses and IP professionals with the tools they need to protect their IP both online and offline.

Our speakers are Maysa Razavi, head of anti-counterfeiting for INTA, Gene Quinn from IPwatchdog and Joan Porta from Red Points.

Key speakers

Ms. Razavi is the head of INTA's global anti-counterfeiting program and overseas their middle eastern operations. She has been fighting to protect brands for over 5 years through new means. Ms Razavi has built resources for SMEs and recently implemented INTA's anti-counterfeiting toolkit for SMEs operating in China. She is a respected authority on the matter of counterfeiting both online and offline.

Gene Quinn is a patent attorney and a leading commentator on patent law and innovation policy. Mr. Quinn is the Founder and Editor of, which he started in 1999.

Joan Porta is the Brand Protection Director at Red Points, and has been heavily involved in developing the advanced technology of the Red Points Brand Protection solution which aims to provide a long term solution for brand protection.

Red Points, IP Watchdog and INTA aim to give expert advice on IP protection including the key aspects that every brand or IP protection strategy should contain, online and offline tactics for security as well as common blind spots, case building techniques, and helpful tech tools that reduce workload. For more information on selecting a strategy to protect your brand, take a look at our blog: What to look for in a brand protection service.

IP Watchdog is the leading Intellectual Property Law Blog on the Internet. After being recognised as one of the top 100 legal blogs by the American Bar Association for five years in a row (ranking #1 in 2010, 2012 and 2013), in January 2014 we were inducted into the ABA Blawg Hall of Fame. Their focus is on the business, substance, and law of patents, technology and innovation. They write about intellectual property more generally, and wherever possible cover copyrights and trademarks.

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