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[Webinar] How to make your product go viral

Posted by Marc Gassó on Wednesday, Jul 5, 2017


From “Charlie bit my finger” to “Gangnam Style” marketing and media professionals all aspire to have their video or marketing “go viral”. Going viral is the digital spread of an idea, video or content from one person to another; otherwise known as word of mouth. This form of marketing is ten times more effective that traditional marketing and its spread is almost limitless with potentially very little investment. However, achieving this is no mean feat and has left many professionals searching for a formula to recreate this.

Key speaker

Jonah Berger, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, has proposed a blueprint for viral marketing in his book Contagious. A number one New York Times Bestseller, Contagious combines groundbreaking research and potent real-world stories to help explain and map out the viral phenomenon.

On the 20th of July at 9.00 AM EST Jonah Berger joined Red Points in a free webinar and delivered a live master class on how to get everyone talking about your brand. In this webinar Jonah covered his 6 principles of virality, the behavioral science behind viral ideas and how to utilize scarcity to make your brand more desirable.

Watch webinar here

Businesses that understand how their products or services can “catch on” will be able to embed virality into their marketing strategy to take their brand beyond their constraints.

 Berger summed up the power of virality in an interview with Entrepreneur:

 “Whether you’re a nonprofit organization with no marketing budget or a small business owner with a great new service, knowing how to generate word-of-mouth will help you make your product, service or idea succeed”



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