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Quick Points: How long will my U.S. trademark last?

Posted by Bruno Klumpp on Tuesday, Feb 25, 2020

Red Points briefly outlines how long a trademark lasts in the United States, and what to do when that time runs out.

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American trademark made simple

Posted by Ryan Williams on Friday, Feb 1, 2019

Red Points’ comprehensive guide for helping brands worldwide to register their trademarks in the United States.

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Red is Solely Louboutin: Protecting Color Marks in the EU and USA

Posted by Tulip Mahaseth on Friday, Nov 9, 2018

Trademark covers not only brand names and logos, but extends even to colors. Red Points takes a look at a landmark case of color mark.

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How to report counterfeit products in the US

Posted by Red Points on Wednesday, Apr 5, 2017

Red Points outlines how to report counterfeit products in the United States, and why you should do so if you see a counterfeit product.

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