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What you need to know about fake Magic cards

Posted by Brogan Woodburn on Friday, May 31, 2019

Magic: The Gathering is a hugely popular card game played by fans all over the world. Introduced in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast (WotC), it now has more than 35 million players worldwide. But counterfeit Magic cards is a real headache for fans and WotC alike.

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PUBG sues Fortnite - A copyright battle royale

Posted by Ryan Williams on Wednesday, Jun 6, 2018

The creators of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG) have filed a major lawsuit against Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, citing apparent copyright infringement from Epic Games.

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The truth behind wargaming recasts

Posted by Ryan Williams on Monday, May 28, 2018

Wherever a product becomes successful, counterfeits and replicas will follow. Wargaming is no exception. The process of counterfeiting these miniatures known as recasting has plagued wargaming companies for decades.

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Bootleg toys, no laughing matter

Posted by Ryan Williams on Tuesday, Jan 30, 2018

From Loom Bands to Frozen figurines, sales of bootleg toys are stacking up faster than Lego bricks. Besides yielding horrifying character hybrids that should never have been possible, they also pose a major health risk to children. Regardless, counterfeit toys continue to sell successfully, surely prompting reaction within the industry.

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Most parents can’t identify fake toys online

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Friday, Nov 10, 2017

Research conducted by Red Points demonstrates that parents are not as good as they think are when it comes to spotting a fake product. Once they see the fake and real products side-by-side, they are much less confident about their ability.

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Game over? How video game piracy protection is failing

Posted by Julia Bourke on Monday, Sep 4, 2017

Video games are increasingly being cracked by pirates on or even before their release day. With copy protection failing, is it game over for developers?

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Counterfeit toys to watch out for this Christmas

Posted by Red Points on Wednesday, Dec 7, 2016

It’s that time of year again when parents face long queues and mounting pressure to get their hands on this season’s must-have toys. It is also the time when counterfeiters try to cash in on the biggest toy crazes of the year.

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