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A more optimistic LIBER 2015, with better intentions (2/2)

Posted by Marc Gassó on Friday, Oct 16, 2015

It is in this context where Red Points presents the novelties in pro-active protection of publishing contents on Internet. We quickly understood that it was neither operative nor efficient to use legal tools in the “offline” world as an attempt to placate a purely digital Internet problem. For this reason, we have always centered all our efforts upon developing a digital platform with a legal basis that allows us to locate, document, mitigate and report any incidence related to illegal or unlawful contents on Internet.

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A more optimistic LIBER 2015, with better intentions (1/2)

Posted by Marc Gassó on Thursday, Oct 15, 2015

 Last Friday, October 9th marked the end of the Liber 2015 book fair. Red Points participated quite actively with a space in the digital area, where attendants to the event were able to get first-hand information regarding the technological novelties and solutions brought forward in order to face the great piracy problems that are directly affecting digital sales, especially as regards the concerns arising for large titles and publishing companies before making the shift from physical to digital format. In addition to this, Red Points offered two lectures on “Digital solutions to fight book piracy”. These included an example of how the digital purchase of a particular title can be affected when it competes against other pirated copies.

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