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5 companies that use Instagram marketing effectively

Posted by Julia Bourke on Thursday, Jun 15, 2017

As a company Instagram is fast becoming a necessity, we aim to learn from the best by examining how 5 companies are using Instagram marketing effectively.

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Red Points team up with Karen Post to give a branding masterclass

Posted by Marc Gassó on Thursday, Jun 15, 2017

On June the 20th Red Points solutions will team up with global branding expert, Karen Post, and deliver a webinar on “ 6 critical strategies to scale your brand globally”. The webinar will cover everything from stretching a marketing budget to social planning and storytelling techniques. Karen will be joined by Red Points very own Toni Perez, who will talk about maintaining a clear and strong brand position through brand protection.

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5 ways to refresh and innovate your product line

Posted by Red Points on Tuesday, Apr 25, 2017

From collaborations to innovative marketing techniques, Red Points outlines some quick ways of refreshing a tired product line.

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5 movies with great Instagram marketing and how they did it

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Thursday, Sep 22, 2016

Marketers are always trying to diversify and develop strategies that attract customers in new and exciting ways. Here we look at the rationale for focusing on Instagram and a few industry examples that really nailed their messaging and delivery. 

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Film Marketing: 5 ways to use Snapchat

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Friday, Aug 26, 2016

The move to social media has allowed movie marketers to really push the tone and theme of their movie to expand its reach - but some have had greater success than others.  How does Snapchat differ from it's competitors in marketing application?

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