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Illegal alcohol in authentic bottles

Posted by Ryan Williams on Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018

Counterfeiters take advantage of trusted alcohol packaging, and refill recognisable bottles with illegally-made or lower quality drinks to trick consumers. 

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Inside China’s toxic counterfeit food industry

Posted by Julia Bourke on Thursday, Feb 1, 2018

Red Points unwraps China’s counterfeit food scandals, which have caused toxic - and in some cases, fatal - damage to consumers and to the industry.

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Food Huggers, Kickstarter to kicking out fakes

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Friday, Oct 20, 2017

Food Huggers combine the very essence of simple, but effective design that improves lives. But this Kickstarter success story was plagued by illegal copies from day one.

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Fake alcohol, a growing problem for European producers

Posted by Emma Smith on Monday, Nov 21, 2016

From fine Spanish wines to prestigious French Champagnes and world-famous Scotch labels, alcoholic beverages contribute massively to the European economy. But the market for fake wine and whiskey is also a lucrative business, causing legitimate manufacturers to lose both revenue and jobs, as well as producing counterfeit products which could seriously harm consumers.

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Counterfeit alcohol gives Spain a headache

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Thursday, Jul 28, 2016

 According to the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), Spain is the country most affected by illegal and counterfeit alcohol production. A recent report on the industry found that EU countries lose approximately €1.2 billion every year in revenue due to counterfeit products flooding the market.

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