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[Infographic] Top 10 most pirated movies of 2016

Posted by Marc Gassó on Tuesday, Jan 17, 2017

With the start of a new year comes new box office expectations. But as another year went by, online movie piracy seems nowhere close to being over. Now that 2017 begins, we go through last year’s most pirated films.

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Sherlock and La La Land leaked to pirate sites

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Monday, Jan 16, 2017

Pirated version of highly-anticipated films and popular TV shows are emerging online as piracy continues to plague the media industry.

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Why are Millennials pro-piracy?

Posted by Red Points on Tuesday, Dec 20, 2016

Also known as ‘Digital Natives’, millennials have grown-up surrounded by technology and embraced it across all aspects of life.  As the cohort is now reaching adulthood, it's clear that their relationship with technology and the law differ from older generations.

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Movies at high risk of piracy this festive season

Posted by Red Points on Friday, Dec 9, 2016

A number of highly anticipated movies are due to be released in the coming weeks, including a few major contenders for the upcoming award season. But with so many illegal streaming apps and sites, pirated versions of these new releases could be availble online within hours of their cinematic debut.

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Has Netflix made piracy worse?

Posted by Emma Smith on Tuesday, Nov 8, 2016

More sites and applications are making it easier than ever to stream content straight to computers or mobile devices. Far from being a thing of the past, these advances have simply changed the way pirated content is shared.

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Is piracy killing the horror movie?

Posted by Emma Smith on Wednesday, Nov 2, 2016

In the run up to halloween, the public are bombarded with adverts for both classical and new horror films. The movie industry has long suffered from piracy and it's possible that horror movies are bearing the brunt of the effects.

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5 movies with great Instagram marketing and how they did it

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Thursday, Sep 22, 2016

Marketers are always trying to diversify and develop strategies that attract customers in new and exciting ways. Here we look at the rationale for focusing on Instagram and a few industry examples that really nailed their messaging and delivery. Instagram can be seen as both the first and last level of interaction with a movie: from a customer initially seeing a post in pre-production, to following the channel and providing a community for fans after the movie’s release. 

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Why leaked screeners and pre-release piracy are so dangerous

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Thursday, Sep 1, 2016

Pre-release piracy, or leaked screeners have plagued the award season in recent years. These illegal versions of films are made available before a film has been released in the cinemas and have the potential to damage box-office sales even more than traditional piracy.  

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Piracy, We’ve Won A Battle But The War is Changing

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Thursday, Aug 4, 2016
Since the arrest of the alleged owner and the closure of KickAss Torrents (KAT) along with their associated mirror sites, you could be forgiven for thinking that the tide was turning and piracy was in decline. Given that KAT was the world's largest torrent site, hosting the most movies, TV Shows and music, this was bound to be a game changer. However this could not be further from the truth.
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Digital piracy grows and grows, is social media to blame?

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Thursday, Jul 21, 2016

Despite Amazon Video, Netflix and Hulu making a dent in the piracy market, this month Google received a mind numbing 500,000,000 takedown requests This neared the total number for all of last year, until then the all-time record. If this trend continues we will see Google break the 1 billion mark by December. But why is piracy booming, when it’s never been easier to access on-demand media? Some are pointing the finger at the ease of sharing illegal content through social media and how systems have been slow to react to the problem.

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