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Red is Solely Louboutin: Protecting Color Marks in the EU and USA

Posted by Tulip Mahaseth on Friday, Nov 9, 2018

Trademark covers not only brand names and logos, but extends even to colors. Red Points takes a look at a landmark case of color mark.

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Which country imports the most counterfeits in Europe?

Posted by Emma Smith on Tuesday, Oct 16, 2018

An EU report reveals the state of counterfeit imports in the EU, as well as Europe’s biggest national importers of fake goods.

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Turkey: The counterfeiters on Europe's doorstep

Posted by Emma Smith on Tuesday, Oct 9, 2018

Though China produces the overwhelming majority of counterfeit products, Turkey has become Europe's gateway for counterfeits by abusing with IP rights and an influx of Syrian refugees.

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Why is piracy such a problem in Europe?

Posted by Red Points on Thursday, Apr 20, 2017

Europe has the biggest problem with piracy. We look at what is being done to challenge the practice, and how countries vary.

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Fake alcohol, a growing problem for European producers

Posted by Emma Smith on Monday, Nov 21, 2016

From fine Spanish wines to prestigious French Champagnes and world-famous Scotch labels, alcoholic beverages contribute massively to the European economy. But the market for fake wine and whiskey is also a lucrative business, causing legitimate manufacturers to lose both revenue and jobs, as well as producing counterfeit products which could seriously harm consumers.

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European customs counterfeit seizures rise from last year

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Wednesday, Sep 28, 2016

The European Customs Union has released figures for the number of seizures of counterfeit goods across the EU for 2015. The report states that items seized infringing on trademark or IP law increased by 5 million since 2014's report.

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Counterfeit alcohol gives Spain a headache

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Thursday, Jul 28, 2016

 According to the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), Spain is the country most affected by illegal and counterfeit alcohol production. A recent report on the industry found that EU countries lose approximately €1.2 billion every year in revenue due to counterfeit products flooding the market.

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