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Managing distributors and agents in China

Posted by Ryan Williams on Wednesday, Sep 12, 2018

Working with agents and distributors in China can be a great way to grow as a company - but there are plenty of potential pitfalls you need to look out for.

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How to sell to China

Posted by Ryan Williams on Friday, Sep 7, 2018

The Chinese market, the world’s largest, is notoriously difficult for foreign enterprises to enter, due the Chinese government’s favouring of domestic brands, as well as huge differences in technology and business cultures.

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What Red Points learned about counterfeit and piracy in 2016

Posted by Laura Urquizu on Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017

2016 saw no signs of slowing down in terms of piracy and counterfeiting.  As these issues seem to continue growing despite the best efforts to stop them, we created this article in order to highlight and review what we believe are some interesting cases on the subjects.

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What is Red Points technology?

Posted by Patricia Fernández on Friday, Oct 9, 2015

Red Points’ anti-piracy technology is based on its own artificial intelligence system, which is supported by machine learning that searches for and analyses digital piracy like films and smart phone apps as well as imitation products sold online.

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