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Why brand protection is important for growth

Posted by Brogan Woodburn on Friday, Sep 6, 2019

When you employ a brand protection platform, you aren’t just protecting your business from these negative consequences. You’re also enabling it to grow faster and stronger. Here’s why.  

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[Webinar] From smashing your crowdfunding goals to ecommerce

Posted by Ryan Williams on Tuesday, Mar 5, 2019

Red Points has teamed up with Mighty Mug and Easyship to deliver a webinar aimed at helping young companies take the next step in their growth.

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How counterfeiters stifle research and innovation

Posted by Emma Smith on Friday, Oct 19, 2018

Innovation is key to strong economics, but where there is a lack of intellectual property rights and a high risk of counterfeiting, there is a reluctance to invest and innovate and, as a result, huge potential losses to a country’s economy.

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Intellectual property, too 2D for a 3D printing world?

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Tuesday, Oct 17, 2017

3D printing is a hot topic for economists, doctors, lawyers and beyond. The technology continues to expand, but can IP structures keep up with this disruptive tech?

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5 everyday products with genius design improvements

Posted by Julia Bourke on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

We look at how simple everyday products can become game changers with small but genius design improvements.

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5 ways to refresh and innovate your product line

Posted by Red Points on Tuesday, Apr 25, 2017

From collaborations to innovative marketing techniques, Red Points outlines some quick ways of refreshing a tired product line.

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