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Are small businesses the most impacted by the global counterfeit market?

Posted by Julia Bourke on Friday, Mar 31, 2017

Red Points examines how small businesses are impacted by the global counterfeit market, and how smaller brands can be protected against counterfeits online.

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The real price paid for knock-off wedding and prom dresses

Posted by Red Points on Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017

Red Points investigates actions against fake wedding and prom dresses, an ongoing problem for luxury brands despite their usually-disappointing appearance. 

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Counterfeit stationery: is the writing on the wall for BIC ballpoints?

Posted by Red Points on Wednesday, Mar 8, 2017

Red Points looks into the peculiar problem of counterfeit stationery, which has seen an increase due to improvements in manufacturing and demand for low-end products in poorer economies.

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3 things you must consider before choosing a service to protect your brand

Posted by Red Points on Tuesday, Jan 24, 2017

In this article we highlight 3 key factors all companies should consider before deciding on which brand protection service is right for their brand. Bad brand protection is better than no brand protection but we want you to go into each meeting armed with the right questions.

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Should seized counterfeits be donated to charity?

Posted by Emma Smith on Thursday, Nov 3, 2016

Increasingly when authorities seize counterfeit products, they donate them to a local charity to sell for profit, however this practice has faced criticism from both rights holders and officials governing bodies. The problem is more complex than it would first appear.

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Dangerous counterfeit & illegal Halloween products that do more than scare

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016

With over $7 billion spent every year on the festival, the scamble to produce halloween products leaves customers and business more than just scared.

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Grumpy Cat takes coffee company to court for trademark infringement

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Tuesday, Aug 30, 2016

The owners of internet star Grumpy Cat are taking a Californian coffee company to court for copyright infringement. TorrentFreak reported that the owners are requesting a federal court to issue a $600,000 judgment against the coffee company. They are also seeking further damages for breach of trademark and a complete ban on the unauthorised selling of Grumpy Cat products.

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