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How counterfeiters corrupt Amazon distribution

Posted by Julia Bourke on Monday, May 8, 2017

Red Points investigates how Amazon distribution channels can be corrupted by counterfeiters, and how Amazon sellers can protect products.

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What Red Points learned about counterfeit and piracy in 2016

Posted by Laura Urquizu on Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017

2016 saw no signs of slowing down in terms of piracy and counterfeiting.  As these issues seem to continue growing despite the best efforts to stop them, we created this article in order to highlight and review what we believe are some interesting cases on the subjects.

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90% of Apple accessories on Amazon could be fakes

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Thursday, Oct 20, 2016

Apple sues Mobile star and states that the overwhelming majority of Apple cables and chargers fulfilled by Amazon are fake.

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Amazon Starts "Brand Gating" to Stop Counterfeits

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Thursday, Sep 1, 2016

After the dramatic exit of Birkenstock from Amazon last month, the online retailer is making dramatic changes to its processes in an effort to protect big brand names. Brands have become increasingly concerned by the prevalence of Chinese counterfeits and unauthorised sellers on the site.

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Amazon looks to smash the fake review industry

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Monday, Jul 18, 2016

Amazon is on a mission to eliminate the fake review micro-industry that has grown dramatically in recent years. A host of websites offer paid-for fake reviews in order to boost seller positioning in a product search and obviously improve their brand image by apparent public endorsement. Many consumers note they find reviews key in decision making, and so this practise diminishes Amazon's credibility and makes it harder for consumers to buy quality.

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How to spot fake Amazon reviews in 6 steps

Posted by Gordon Mcconnell on Monday, Jul 18, 2016

Amazon have recently mounted an offensive against the tricky fake review industry. Here at Red Points we've put together 6 simple steps to consider when evaluating the validity of reviews.

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