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Posted by Red Points on Tuesday, Apr 4, 2017

Red Points demonstrates an effective solution for counterfeiting by sharing the results experienced by a real client.

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It’s no secret that counterfeits have become a thorn in the side for many brands and manufacturers all over the world. Just last year it was estimated that counterfeit accounts for 2,5% of global trade, or as much as $461 billion. This means that each day hard-working businesses are losing thousands in revenue to criminals who are profiting from fake goods.

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The effects of counterfeit can even go as far as hurting the brand image, in the eyes of both consumers and distributors, as well as the threat  of lost investment, brand reputation and sales. While the economic impact is highly significant, it is not the only consequence, as fake products are subject to no regulations many pose serious safety risks to consumers.

The fast rise of online counterfeits has driven brand protection to become not only an option to companies, but a necessity. However, in a world where the access to fake products is only a click away, tackling this issue may seem like an impossible fight.  For this reason, many companies are now facing a big decision, they have to choose a brand protection service that, hopefully, will solve their counterfeiting issues.

The available options can be divided into two methods, traditional and technological. The first one consists of hiring a legal firm to protect a specific brand, while the second option relies primarily on technology to do so. While both solutions may prove somewhat effective, relying only on a traditional method would be like bailing water out of a sinking boat with a Dixie cup; the tools are just not sufficient for the job.

Here at Red Points, we have succeeded in protecting over 500 products. What sets us apart from the competition is our combined solution of expert analysts, IP legal team and technology, which allows us to detect and remove thousands of infringements per month.

In this sample report you will find the results from a real client using our brand protection solution.

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