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Quick Points: How much does a trademark cost?

Posted by Bruno Klumpp on Friday, Feb 28, 2020

The cost of filing a trademark will depend on the territory it’s required in. Here are a few countries and territories to consider:

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Quick Points: How long will my U.S. trademark last?

Posted by Bruno Klumpp on Tuesday, Feb 25, 2020

Red Points briefly outlines how long a trademark lasts in the United States, and what to do when that time runs out.

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Brands being framed by gray market camera sales

Posted by Elise Trecul on Friday, Feb 21, 2020

Buying a professional camera never comes cheap. Prices go anywhere from $400 (USD) to $3,000 (USD). Which results in consumers doing extensive research to find the most competitive offer online. And this can lead to an uninformed consumer falling under the hands of a gray market camera seller. 

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BII: Online & offline anti-counterfeiting investigations

Posted by Brogan Woodburn on Tuesday, Feb 18, 2020

People have been making counterfeit goods for hundreds of years, and that’s no different today. Anti-counterfeiting investigations evolve but the problem is still the same: how to stop counterfeit operations quickly and effectively. 

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[Webinar] Image recognition versus fashion infringements

Posted by Elise Trecul on Thursday, Feb 13, 2020

Whether it’s blockchain taking over how counterfeiters operate or infiltrating social media and influencing how “reps” are accepted in youth culture, the online fakes landscape has shifted.

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IP law after Brexit: what rights holders should know

Posted by Elise Trecul on Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020

The United Kingdom officially left the European Union on February 1st of this year. While the withdrawal agreement is sure to bring changes to how businesses operate, in terms of IP law, no major changes will be taking effect in 2020.

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BII: Intellectual property trade war and geopolitical climate

Posted by Brogan Woodburn on Friday, Feb 7, 2020

Brand Intelligence Index - Geopolitical landscape

As globalization shrinks the world, new challenges continue to arise for brands that do business across borders. The US-China intellectual property trade war, Brexit, and the EU copyright directive are just a few geopolitical events that are affecting IP in 2020.  

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[Ebook] How cheap does a counterfeit have to be to steal your sale?

Posted by Elise Trecul on Tuesday, Feb 4, 2020

Counterfeit products now account for 3.3% of global trade. A percentage that increments with every research that is published. While technology today may help locate IP infringers and take down their counterfeit goods, there’s a factor that is still hard for brands to control: the price that convinces consumers into buying fakes.

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Ultimate Guide to American Utility Patents

Posted by Tulip Mahaseth on Friday, Jan 31, 2020

Red Points’ comprehensive guide for helping brands worldwide to obtain patent protection in the United States.

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Negative SEO, how to defend your brand against the dark arts

Posted by Guillermo Berasategui on Tuesday, Jan 28, 2020

This blog will be explaining negative SEO techniques that can pose a threat to websites so your SEO team can be prepared to identify these threats and defend against them.

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