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Lawyers vs The Future: 5 technologies that can benefit lawyers

Posted by Red Points on Friday, Mar 3, 2017

As startups fight over the virtual gap in the market for legal tech, many technologies are now available that save time on and even automatise legal tasks. Red Points examines 5 innovative technologies that may prove valuable to lawyers.


Confident skill in using second-generation technologies is no longer a rare talent but a required skill in almost every field. Law is no exception, as technologies designed to benefit legal positions through time-saving innovation roll out rapidly. Technology-assisted review (TAR), for example, has become such common practice that it is now invariably permitted by courts as a means to review documents, as TAR has become established in “black letter law”. The success of eDiscovery softwares and email and document-management programs such as NetDocuments have exposed a virtual gap in the market within the legal sector, forefronted by research into security and encryption methods.

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Cloud-based technology, artificial intelligence, SaaS and wearable tech have all become buzzwords within legal technology, as they grow to define a new age with evolving expectations and automation. Red Points examines a few technologies that can benefit lawyers in improving the service of legal departments and law firms.


  1. Lex Machina

In a nutshell, LexisNexis’ Lex Machina is a SaaS platform that delivers analytics. These include expansive access to judicial summaries, which can be used to extract information and analyse patterns, trends and graphical data. The technology allows lawyers to ‘test’ legal strategies by predicting outcomes based on its database of content.


  1. Brainspace Discovery

Supported by US intelligence groups such as the CIA, Brainspace Discovery is a patented AI analytic technology that can be applied to a range of investigative means. On a legal basis it facilitates an accelerated analysis of eDiscovery textual data through rapid searching, predictive analysis, data visualisation and document classification.


  1. Blockchain

A database of information over a network that operates on consensus management, Blockchain is already redefining trading relationships and automatising lawyer tasks. As data is created and transactions are processed, timestamps are added, recording interaction and eliminating third parties. These timestamps cannot be edited retrospectively as it would disrupt the ‘chain’ of information, preserving the secure hacker-resistant framework that Blockchain works upon. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are built onto Blockchain, but legal uses of Blockchain include recordation, data transferrals, storage and in Blockchain smart contracts which are set to revolutionise legal practices.

  1. Intapp Time

Serving 91% of the Am Law 100, Intapp Time is a simple-yet-indispensable time management tool designed to support a range of timesheet designs. Across computers and mobile devices, Intapp Time benefits time management over on a seamless cloud-based system. Cloud-based technology is an invaluable part of the changing corporate and legal industry as it can reduce IT infrastructure as well as offering a flexible way of working that does not compromise on security.

  1. Red Points

Red Points combines technological know-how with legal expertise to deliver solutions that combat counterfeiting. Our technology analyses counterfeiters’ designs to ensure of a methodical, thorough shutdown of multiple commercially-sized operations. We encourage brands to make use of technologies that can fight counterfeiting but also to monitor the level of their own brand counterfeit presence online. E-commerce has not only provided brands with an beneficial market platform, but also with a risk to brand equity as counterfeiters exploit legal loopholes, global distribution means and new technologies.


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