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How cinema is affected by Piracy

Posted by Marc Gassó on Wednesday, Mar 16, 2016

When we talk about distribution windows in terms of cinema consumption, we mean the different shapes that a viewer has to consume a movie.

Window 0 to first window movie cycle protection

Likewise, piracy affects every single window and has major consequences to the movie industry. Therefore, it is very clear to us that it is a top priority to aggressively protect the prerelease or window 0 and the release or first window of the movie cycle. For various reasons, it is obviously most important to avoid the movie being downloadable or easily watchable, encouraging people hoping to see it to go to the cinema and pay for it if they want to see it: to encourage them to be “legal”.

Second window movie cycle protection

The second window is for the marketing of DVD and Blu-ray formats. Here we again find a piracy level “boom” as many illegal content users wait for the launch of the second window since they can now watch movies in high quality with DVD-Rip and Blu-ray-Rip formats. We think that protection is key, as by stopping downloads in these formats we straight away create interest in buying the DVD/Blu-ray.

Third and fourth movie cycle protection

The third and fourth marketing windows are for selling these rights to digital platforms and to television, both pay and eventually free-to-air. It is surprising to see how we protect movies for their entire business cycle, which lasts for a long time, and yet they are still of interest to pirates and better versions are put up all the time. At these stages we look after television and platforms, protecting their business and forcing users to watch this content on these media only. It is a key measure which builds their client loyalty and digital framework.

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