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5 genius smartphone gadgets you need right now

Posted by Julia Bourke on Tuesday, Jul 4, 2017

These 5 smartphone gadgets, including a dog selfie case(!) are genius and surely essential to your needs. What do they show us about the tech industry?


Where’s your smartphone right now? Less than 1 metre away? We thought so.

Smartphones are quite possibly taking over the world, one life-changing app requesting a suspicious amount of permissions at a time. But every model inevitably has a few fatal design flaws - maybe it’s easy to break or scratch, not adequately designed for your Youtubing needs or not equipped with a sufficiently high-definition front camera for that perfect selfie. Well, you need look no further. Here at Red Points we’ve created a list of the 5 most genius smartphone gadgets to solve your phone woes.

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Gripping, popping, fun: Kickstarter-funded Popsockets are the trendiest popping mobile devices that function as a stick-on grip holder, a kickstand and a cord organiser all in a compact, stylish, even customised design. Best of all, Popsockets retail for just $10, giving you added security and convenience without breaking the bank.

Dog-friendly phone case


If you’ve got a dog, you probably know about the perils of taking a selfie with him/her. Ever camera-oblivious, Bongo is hardly ever posing when you need him to, and if he does look good it’s always when your own hair looks poofy. Enter the clip-on Pooch Selfie phone case, with removable squeaking ball attachment that any dog is bound to gaze up at lovingly. The case works with both front and rear-facing cameras, and you can even condition your dog, Pavlov-style, to love the subtle art of the selfie by playing a little post-modelling fetch.

 Tile Item Finder


If you’re good at losing your keys, phone, wallet, TV remote, dog, children... Tile Bluetooth Trackers are for you. The small, slim squares can be stuck onto or clipped onto almost anything, and using your phone’s Bluetooth can be ‘called’ from up to 100 feet, to emit a loud ringing sound. You can even use Tiles reversely to call your phone, and if an item is more than 100 feet away its’ location will be sent to you when anyone from the Tile community passes by it. Water-resistant and equipped with an app to keep track of your Tiles, at $25 Tiles are a steal.

Clip-on camera lenses


In the Age of Instagram, a high standard of phone photography is a must. Well we can guarantee* that these Olloclip camera lenses will increase your InstaLikes tenfold. These simple, clip-on camera lenses will provide you with fisheye, macro and wide-angle lenses for your phone, to maximise the use of your phone’s camera for stunning, high-definition images. (* Note - no actual guarantee offered)

Illuminated phone case


Endorsed by the queen of the selfies herself, Kim Kardashian, LuMee phone cases are equipped with discreet lights for optimum photo-taking. You can literally travel around with a personal lighting crew - as far as your Instagram followers know - for as little as $60. LuMees are also great for shooting in low light conditions, meaning you’ll never again have to suffer with the dreaded phone-flash face.

These phone gadgets are in a volatile, fast-moving sector, and face high competition with other gadgets. Additionally, smartphone gadgets are at high risk of being counterfeited, as we can see from the selfie stick phone case Stikbox that showed us how, unfortunately, small businesses are the most hurt by counterfeiting. The smartphone case lasted just one week on Kickstarter before cheap knock-offs cropped up on Alibaba, and the entrepreneurial designer of Stikbox Yekutiel Sherman found his debut into the business world shattered. Finding a solution to the problem of counterfeits in the gadget sector is made even more difficult considering that registered patents can be detrimental to IP protection. Today every business should implement a researched brand protection strategy, and this is especially true for gadget and tech companies, as the sectors see fast growth and there are a high number of tech counterfeits. Companies should research into their own level of risk and design a brand protection solution that sees long-term results, as opposed to a quick fix. Where counterfeits are present, where possible elements of the solution should be automated as many aspects of counterfeit removal online are highly repetitive tasks and very time-consuming.

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