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3 things you must consider before choosing a service to protect your brand

Posted by Red Points on Tuesday, Jan 24, 2017

In this article we highlight 3 key factors all companies should consider before deciding on which brand protection service is right for their brand. Bad brand protection is better than no brand protection but we want you to go into each meeting armed with the right questions.

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Never before have brands been under so much pressure to protect themselves. The growing demand, particularly for western brands, in the emerging economies of Asia has given counterfeiters a golden opportunity. This rise in demand has been coupled with the rise of Ecommerce, sites like Alibaba, Amazon and Taobao are some of the biggest marketplaces in the world. This potent combination of a rise in global demand and faster but less accountable distribution platforms has resulted in a global counterfeit industry worth an estimated $1.7 trillion every year. It’s now a necessity for any company with a strong brand, individual design or original product to protect their business from Intellectual property infringements.

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There are a number of services that offer a wide range of protection, from multinational protection servives to traditional legal firms or smaller tech based solutions. Whether you are choosing a tech or traditional based solution for your brand there are some key factors to consider before you select you solution/service.


Depending on whether you are looking to resolve a single case or deal with multiple and if you are looking for continued protection or not, will all affect whether this is a relevant consideration for you. If your business is seeking to solve multiple cases of IP infringement and monitor the brand continuesly, then the search capacity of the service will be extremely important. Most legal firms do not employ technology based scans, unless stated, and so they rely on manual searches. However, not all tech solutions are created equal, it’s important to know whether your solution (tech or not) will be searching only high risk websites, such as Amazon and Ebay, or if it will be able to scan over the entire web. Sometimes this is referred to as scale and can be dependant on what level of service opt for.


Very self explanatory but not always mentioned by service providers; if your product is popular in, for example, French or Spanish speaking countries, it would be important to employ a service that is able to detect your products in the relevant language. Most services offer this in some capacity and it is a simple way to divide the stronger services from the weaker ones


Arguably the most important factor, as this is the evidence of the work completed. It is important to consider whether you can access IP infringement data instantly through a portal or whether you have to wait for monthly reports. Real time data is clearly the desired form of reporting, as this allows you to see infringements ass they are detected. This level of service let's you view detections over time and arms you with more detailed descriptions of when and how your company’s brand is being abused.


Quite simply, any brand protection service is better than none, brands that allow counterfeits to go unchallenged are endangering their current brand equity, partners and product reputation. All companies are restricted by time, budget and resources. therefore it's good to think about what level of service, not only that your company can budget for, but also your staff time allows for. For more details on the technology of brand protection services and what are the key performance factors to look for, download our eBook.

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